Maureen MacMillan

I've lived most of my life in the Ottawa Valley, and I love the beauty of this region, its rich and diverse history,  and most of all the people.  I've had a camera in my hand for the past 20 plus years...I started with film, learning everything from taking pictures to film developing in my own darkroom.  Photography and creating things has always been a passion.  Once I had children, my creative energy went into homeschooling and creating craft projects.  A good friend and I developed a successful children's craft blog called "Twig and Toadstool" where we showcased our projects that were made with an emphasis on things found in nature.  Our blog caught the attention of CBC Parents and landed us a contract developing and writing craft projects for the CBC kids website.  During this time I still took pictures and was continually upgrading my cameras to keep up with digital technology.  A neighbour asked me to take her family photos, and then another friend, and another and suddenly Gal Capone Photography was born.  3 years later and lots of learning, (through workshops and courses), I've found my passion, joy and true calling.  Photography sparks my soul...from meeting new clients, to going out to "play" to creating fantastic final images.   

The name Gal Capone came from my fiancé Andrew.  When we started dating I was really into pin up clothing and culture...I even came in 2nd place in a pin up girl photo contest.  Andrew came up with the name Gal Capone for me.  It's pretty clever and its stuck over the years...though the pin up clothes are retired, the name stays.

In my non photographer role I'm a mother to 2 sweet girls named Ruby and Matilda, and 2 pugs named Fred and Mabel.  My fiancé Andrew and I live in Wilno where we have a 1/2 acre of land that we use to the fullest.   I think kindness  and community rules and if I can help out someone who is just learning about photography I love sharing knowledge and building skills.  (I am available too for mentorships and workshops for a small fee).   There is a movement in the creative world called Community over Competition...I love that concept and strive to live my creative life this way. 

So that's kinda me in a nutshell...there's more of course, but you'll have to book a session or make an inquiry to find out. I look forward to hearing from you.